Job Description

    • Facilitate Constructability sessions.
    • Provide input on Construction related activities both in the Master Project Schedule and in the Estimate.
    • Provide input for the Risk Management Plan for any project risks and the related consequences and mitigation plans, during Construction.
    • Manage the Field Activities of Contractors, Construction Managers, and Trade Contractors executing projects at the Marlborough Campus.
    • Coordinate shut down activities including pre-plan spreadsheet and status updates leading up to and during the shutdown(s). Interfacing with affected stakeholders to provide smooth and successful construction activities.
    • Manages the interface between the construction labor contractor(s), the site EH&S, and plant operations to maximize transparency of the Project Activity and to minimize Project impact to on-going campus operations, protecting the safety of the Campus Occupants.
    • Review, approve, and/or prepare documentation necessary to support field activities (e.g. receipt of materials, time and material slips, etc.).
    • Work with the Contractors, Construction Managers, Trade Contractors, and Campus EH&S professionals to assure all required pre-task plans, Job Hazard Analyses, operating licenses, task specific training, etc. are in place in a timely manner to allow adequate review by DuPont Project Personnel, DuPont EH&S Personnel, and Construction Personnel performing the work prior to execution of the tasks.
    • Assure all construction operations are executed in accordance with all applicable campus, local, state, and federal rules and regulations.
    • Oversee Project Construction Activities to assure all work is being performed in accordance with the Design Documents, expectations set forth in Project Goal Deliberation Sessions, established quality standards, and DuPont specifications.
    • Administer the labor contracts for Monthly Progress Payments. Requests for PO addenda and for PDN’s (Project Deviation Notification) as result of Field Changes and FCO’s (Field Change Orders).
    • Schedule resources for construction specialists, inspectors, any SME (Subject Matter Expert) and/or Vendor assistance during construction. Interface with municipal officials as necessary to assure required reviews and inspections are obtained.
    • Coordinate and collaborate with the DuPont Project Manager.
    • Confirm material received is in accordance with the issued Purchase Order, including, but not limited to, quantity, type, and quality. Assure material is stored in a location that is safe and ready for use by the Project.
    • Assure the necessary Construction Resources are provided to maintain the Project Schedule.
    • Work with field scheduler to track and document construction physical progress from the contractors. Reports any deviations from the baseline schedule and resolves any conflicts. Assists with the development and implementation of recovery schedules, if necessary.
    • Verify Labor and Material provided by Contractors performing work on a Not-to-Exceed or Time and Material type of contractual arrangement.
    • Document any deviations from the baseline scope, schedule and estimate, using the GCCTS (Global Construction Cost Tracking System) tools. Communicates any changes to the Project Manager and to Project Controls.
    • Documents opportunities for improvement of the construction documents and work processes – feed into closure and lessons learned processes.
    • Assist with securing and reviewing ‘red-line” and/or as-built documentation to assure accuracy.
    • Assist with start-up and commissioning activities.
    • Assist with assuring all final Project Documentation is properly archived and filed for future access.
    • Participate in lessons learned sessions at the completion of the project

Job Requirements:

  • Minimum 3 years of relevant construction experience
  • Communicates well to diverse audiences.
  • Read and correctly interpret various Construction Documents (Drawings, Specifications, Contracts, etc.)
  • Physically able to easily move among a few buildings and work sites around the campus. Additionally, the work will require the successful candidate to climb stairs and/or ladders.
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Last Modified: January 10, 2023